Our Research

After exhaustive research into screening thousands of bioactive nutritional compounds that have demonstrative effects on certain metabolic functions, our team identified a unique combination of ingredients that resulted in our lead Products.   In collaboration with Duke University School of Medicine, we applied a stringent research methodology to validate the safety and efficacy of our products through extensive research studies.

These studies demonstrate that our patented blend of NutraSimilar compounds have tremendous benefits in weight management, prevention of cognitive decline, metabolic regulation, and liver function. These ingredients have been used safely on their own for centuries, and in our specific combination are proving remarkable improvement against a host of chronic conditions plaguing millions.   As prescription drugs burden the population with untoward side effects, Prostasis’ novel approach reinforces the reliability and safety of a more natural solution.

NutraMetaTM improves metabolic health and weight management. Our research demonstrates a significant reduction in weight loss and body fat with a measurable decrease in cholesterol and improvement in liver function.

NutraMind™ has shown promising results in significantly slowing the accumulation of amyloid plaque in the brain, preventing reduction in brain size and increasing neurogenesis, which is a critical aspect of brain health and cognitive function.